Our Story

Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it
– Ben Graham

The Beginning:

Do you remember the days before fiat money, checks, credit cards, and the dot com bubble?

Markets move in psychology cycles. First a supreme level of optimism and euphoria, followed by a retracement of anger and disbelief. By the time the markets return to prosperity, it’s often too late for investors to take advantage. After the economic crisis of 2008, we hired a team of experts to analyze the crypto currency arena and uncover its full potential as a diamond in the rough.

Who we are:
We are a team of value investors with combined experience in various financial backgrounds. Warren Buffett once said, “Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.” We say having the right team on your side removes the risk while multiplying the benefits

Although we consider Satoshi Nakamoto a “Center of Intelligence” when it comes to Bitcoin, there is a lot more in this industry to be leveraged by investors. As you may already be aware, there are many other digital assets that have already established themselves with legitimate use cases.

Certain digital assets are currently linked with big name organizations such as the IMF, Nasdaq, American Express, The World Bank, Money Gram, and the Fed. Too often crypto gets a bad name, but with Simple Coin Swap at your disposal, you can realize its full potential. In order to receive, one must give. Creating Simple Coin Swap is our way of giving back to you.

Disclaimer: Simple Coin Swap currently does not accept donations. If you enjoy our content and would like to support us, we ask that you utilize our services and affiliate links. Simple Coin Swap values our brand name, therefore all recommendations are heavily vetted and trialed before recommending to our clients

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